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2013-02-01 04:36 am

F-locky print.

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2012-04-19 02:12 pm
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New Sales Post Woo!

Updated 7/1/10

I'll probably make a new post rather than update this one, as it's somewhat out of date. Thanks for looking.

Hello! I have a stack of mostly BPAL that's a bit cluttery. Several bottles + a few from other 'tailers, and a rather huge stack of GC imps. Hit me? ALSO: If I owe you swappage/bunnies/whatever -- Please email me, please please? Thank you. <3

Things you should know: I work weekends, so I'm proportionally less likely to be able to check mail/lj on Friday-Sunday. I like to pack and ship out on Monday/Tuesday. I like swapping; my wishlist is at the top, just under the cut-tag. :)
One skrintillion GC imps for sale + a few other things. )