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Birthdate:Feb 1
This is an archive of my livejournal for my own records. It will never be updated.

I was not bored. I just felt impulsive.
Things you should probably know.

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a sense of wonder, abstractions, altruistic behaviour, animated conversations, battery muse, bauhaus, black phoenix alchemy lab, blackberrycat, briara, buck-tick, careless beauty, caring despite the odds, chances and changes, chibi-chupacabra, childhood trauma, clever editing, colourful personalities, comical farces, cooing like a pigeon, daniel ash, delightful people, dictionaries, dreaming in color, drinking cold tea, eating tasty food, elegance in action, eqfanart forum, ether designs, euphemisms, fahn arda, fantastic beasts, feyness, fierce battles, figs, flowers in your hair, four a.m., francesca lia block, fresh mint, fuzzy friends, grieving for lost pets, guniw tools, guruguru eigakan, handmade dolls, healthy attitudes, icehouse, iconic images, illustration, in real life, in space, inching along, inconsequential decisions, indelible ink, intricate knotwork, inugami circus-dan, j, keeping vigils, kingdom hearts, kissing the moon, link monkey, literal meanings, living legends, lonely cityscapes, long ferry rides, long showers, mad australians, mercurial temperments, mindnumbing tragedy, miraculous recovery, monitor pets, myths and magic, new friends, nona, odysseus, old friends, otherworlds, paranormal activities, penelope, peppermint and lavender, perennial optimism, phantom bunny, plastic tree, pleated skirts, plush wombats, poetry, pomegranates, practicalities on the internet, pretty collars, pristine white snow, profound beauty, psyche and eros, public transit systems, purple, quizzical glances, random words, reading abarat, repetition of rhymes, risque jokes, sagacious toddlers, sea monkeys, sentimentality, sequential numbers, silk scarves, silver sharpies, silvery sparkles, siouxsie and the banshees, sisters of mercy, sleep bunny, sleeping boys, sleeping girls, sleeping late, small furry animals, snow on sunday, softness, soothing hurts, soseki natsume, spaghetti, spinach pies, startling realizations, staying up all night, strategic nudity, striped socks, suedelike, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, susan seddon boulet, suzanne vega, tanith lee, the cure, the fisher king, thesauri, thinkin' thots, three unmonkeys, time & relative dimension, too many sketchbooks, tori amos, torrential rainfall, transformations and transitions, uncontrollable feelings, universal significance, useless dwelling, velvet, waiting for things, walking alone at night, wandering widely, watching the moon rise, whimsical thinking, wind, xxxenophile, yoko kanno, zilla, zoological impossibilities
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